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We can help you find your perfect carer in four easy steps

1. Tell us your requirements

We have a large pool of carers. Fill in our very short form to let us know what is important to you.

2. Choose a carer

We will provide you with a shortlist of carers who best suit your needs. You can also view their detailed personal profiles.

3. Contact a carer

After you have decided who you like from your shortlist, you can contact the carer directly.

4. Hire a carer

Once you have interviewed and decided on a carer, make the final arrangements to hire the carer.

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Services and discounts for disabled people in Northern Ireland

If you or one of your loved ones are disabled, it can sometimes be difficult to know how and where you can get a little helping hand to make day-to-day life that bit easier. That’s why Ballymena-based disability equipment specialists Moorings Mediquip have done their research and drawn together this shortlist of services and discounts…

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Whats involved in employing a PA or Carer?

What can a carer or personal assistant do for you? In short, the role of a carer or personal assistant is to support you so that you can lead as independent a life as possible in your own home. They might work for only a few hours a week, or several hours each day (or…

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What is Self Directed Support?

Disclaimer: Information from HSCB Self Directed Support enables individuals to choose how their support is provided and gives them as much control as they want over their Personal Budget. An individual’s personal budget can be: Taken as a Direct Payment, A Managed Budget (where the Trust holds the budget, but the individual is in control of…

February 1, 2018
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