How do I start receiving health and social care support or services?

To receive health and social care support or services, you’ll need an assessment of your needs. Following an assessment, you might be entitled to home care or direct payments to buy services you need. Contact your social worker in your trust area to arrange an assessment. If you do not have a social worker contact your GP and they can refer you.

How does Personal Carer work?

Personal Carer provides a safe place for families and people looking for care to find individual carers. Personal Carer helps you to identify carers in your area who you think would be a good match and then contact them directly. You can do this by searching for carers via your town or city.

What is a Personal Assistant?

A Personal Assistant (PA) is the preferred term rather than ‘Care Assistant’  who is employed by the client to help in all, or most, aspects of their life including:

•Personal Care

•Health Care

•Daily Living


•Student Support


The role will be very specific to each client and their individual care plan. Generally, duties might include; personal care – getting up, assisting the client to wash, and dress. Assistance with daily living tasks and health care; medication, preparing and eating meals. Student support; attendance at University lectures, note-taking, practical support in the library or studio, etc.

What is Direct Payments?

If you’re assessed as needing help from social services, you may be able to get direct payments to choose and buy those services.

Direct payments allow you to arrange care and services yourself instead of receiving them directly from your local trust. Where agreed following an assessment, you can use direct payments to employ a person to provide you with support.

Why was this website created?

We understand how hard it can be to find the right carers. This website was created to help people find care providers who meet their needs by providing an online forum for families and carers to connect with each other, arrange care, and share advice.

How are you different from a care agency?

We impose no control over the care delivery and this is up to you and the carer. We simply introduce carers and provide other ancillary services to facilitate a carer/care seeker relationship This means carers can be remunerated at a level that offers them a living wage but can also keep care affordable for you.

Can I employ more than one carer at the same time?

Yes, If you need a carer for different times of the day or week, you may need to find additional carers who are able to work at different times. Equally, you may have a carer who is taking leave and you can arrange a short term contract with another carer to cover this period. Personal Carer allows you to have multiple carer contracts simultaneously which can all be managed from the contracts page on the main Personal Carer dashboard.

Is Personal Carer registered with the RQIA?

No. “Introductory agencies” who impose no control over ongoing care provision, but introduce carers and provide other ancillary services to facilitate a carer/care seeker relationship, have no statutory requirement to register with the RQIA. Personal Carer is therefore unable to offer services such as changes to a care plan, increased frequency or intensity of care visits, back up rotas or otherwise effect control over the delivery of the care by the care worker. Care workers who provide personal care on a self-employed basis also have no requirement to be registered with the RQIA providing the services offered do not extend beyond personal care.

Should I meet a carer before arranging a contract?

It depends on the circumstances. If you need a carer urgently to cover another carer, we can sometimes recommend carers who are suitable and who have been able to help in this area before.
If you are looking for a longer term contract, we advise you meet the carer, decide they are the right person for you or your loved one and then agree the contract terms. Many clients like to meet with their carer before confirming an ongoing or longer term contract to ensure there is a good match.

Is there a minimum contract length?

We impose no control over the care delivery and this is up to you and the carer. You can find a carer for a one off job for a few hours or days or arrange an ongoing contract. This is agreed between you and the carer.

I cannot find a carer in my area. Why is this?

We currently only serve Northern Ireland and have been recruiting heavily within Newry & Mourne. We apologise if you are outside of this area and we hope to expand into the rest of the UK during the course of 2018.

How do I search for carers that suit my needs?

Select your town or city on the “Browse carers” page and this will generate a list of carers in your area. If you would like a more detailed search to find carers by skills, interests, experience, you can use the advanced search.

What App can I use to manage care and communication?

Jointly is an easy to use mobile and online app for families to manage care.

With Jointly you can create a circle of care for the person you are looking after, including family members and paid carers.

Jointly works on iPhone, iPad, Android devices and on most modern web browsers.

Key Features:

1) Simple, intuitive group communication – communicate with everyone in your Jointly circle at a touch of a button!  This can include other family members and your carer. Simply post a message or upload a picture.


2) Notes – keep all your notes together – and never lose them again! Create a health log or store bills using text or image entries.


3) Tasks/lists – keep organised and on top of things by using tasks and task lists. Simply create a task and assign it to any member of your Jointly circle, including yourself, or your carer and monitor its status.


4) Profile page – store useful information about your family member receiving care which can be accessed by your carer. It can be as simple as how they like their tea in the morning.


5) Medications – use Jointly’s Medications feature to keep track of current and past medication of the person you are caring for. You can also upload an image to quickly recognise a medicine.


6) Contacts list – Jointly allows you to store more useful contacts so that you can access their details anytime, anywhere!