05 Jan
A caregiver is playing with a young boy with a disability.
Services and discounts for disabled people in Northern Ireland

If you or one of your loved ones are disabled, it can sometimes be difficult to know how and where you can get a little helping hand to make day-to-day life that bit easier. That’s why Ballymena-based disability equipment specialists Moorings Mediquip have done their research and drawn together this shortlist of services and discounts...

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15 Nov
disabled child
Whats involved in employing a PA or Carer?

What can a carer or personal assistant do for you? In short, the role of a carer or personal assistant is to support you so that you can lead as independent a life as possible in your own home. They might work for only a few hours a week, or several hours each day (or...

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01 Feb
What is Self Directed Support?

Disclaimer: Information from HSCB Self Directed Support enables individuals to choose how their support is provided and gives them as much control as they want over their Personal Budget. An individual’s personal budget can be: Taken as a Direct Payment, A Managed Budget (where the Trust holds the budget, but the individual is in control of...

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27 Jan
How to communicate with a parent with dementia

When an elderly parent has dementia, communication can be difficult. But with patience, support and care you can still engage and enjoy your time together. When a parent is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s it can be devastating for the whole family. As the disease progresses your loved one may have difficulty understanding conversations, their personality may...

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07 Jul
Preventing Loneliness and Isolation in an Elderly Parent

The elderly can be at risk of loneliness and isolation but with support you can help them get the care, company and contact they need. The elderly can be vulnerable to loneliness because of the death of a partner, the loss of friends and problems with mobility and illness. When a parent feels lonely, it...

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22 May
9 Elderly Care Tips to Stay Safe at Home

Meeting your loved one’s physical, mental and spiritual needs is a vital part of elderly care. A big part of that is enabling them to stay at home, today almost 90% of those aged 65+ want to age in place. In this article we share 9 elderly care tips to help your loved one stay safe...

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