What is Self Directed Support?

Disclaimer: Information from HSCB

Self Directed Support enables individuals to choose how their support is provided and gives them as much control as they want over their Personal Budget.

An individual’s personal budget can be:

  1. Taken as a Direct Payment,
  2. A Managed Budget (where the Trust holds the budget, but the individual is in control of how it is spent),
  3. The Trust can arrange a service, or
  4. You can choose a mixture of these options –

How does it work?

The introduction of Self Directed Support means that once a Trust agrees that an individual needs social care support they can work together with their key worker to agree how care is provided, that best meets their assessed needs.

If the person you care for needs help to organise their support they can ask the Trust, family members or a friend to help with this.

What are Self Directed Support’s advantages?

The aim of Self Directed Support is to promote independence by offering more flexibility on how services are provided to people who are assessed as being eligible for social care support.

Self Directed Support enables people to take more control over decisions which affect their lives. It is intended to support independent living by giving people more choice, control and flexibility over their own care.

How can Self Directed Support benefit you?

Self Directed Support allows you to choose what type of support you receive and where and when you receive it.

For example you might want to:

  • Have your support staff visit at a time that you choose.
  • Employ your own personal assistant.

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